950 Fans W0000T!!!

2016-12-03 18:34:40 by YakovlevArt

Okay wow! I still remember when we hit 900 and it was a post to the Frontpage that got it there. Now we're only 50 more away from 1000 and I really want to reach that before Pico Day. I think that'll be kinda cool. This page has been around so long and I still comeback at least once a day to see how things are. I try to post my art and music (which I don't post anywhere else) as much as possible.
*Ofcourse there is always my new site where you can get a great look at new art too :)
Anyway, just wanna say I'm happy for all the gowth and support Newgrounds has given me and I'll continue to do my best in posting content that has gotten me this far. 

Thanks for the support!



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2016-12-04 05:12:52

Mr. Yakovlev, I'll spoil everything! I'll hit like button an now you have 951 fans. Yea I'm the bad - it's a crime.

Also, you made good stuff mate.

YakovlevArt responds:

Aww dang! Just hope like 45 more people don't follow in your footsteps or I'll be so flustered! /s